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i'm just a simple girl who wants an ordinary life.. sometimes I'm not satisfied or not contented but i look for a reason/way to fulfill what i want in my life.. when it comes to love..hmmm.. all i can say that i'm very much stupid to give all my love and trust to sum1, nut it is okay if she really worth it!?... well, but its okay coz love never ask.. its up to ur love ones how she/he value ur great love right? so it's up to her heheh.. I've been in 2 serious relationships in the past.. & yet i'm very much thankful for them for crossing our path and shares so much love.. coz' they show what the really meaning of it.. & for that heartbreaks/heart aches still i'm thankful for the experiences i learned.. i became stronger and face a new chapter in my life w/o them.. all i know is that.. everything happens has a reason.. & u should ready to find out was it is.. & w/ them.. i learned so much.. how i value & love the person truly..
Miya wrote at April 1, 2012
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