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Glasgow Lesbians, Do You Seduce Straight Woman?

According to my Glasgow Lesbian Scene friends, yes lesbians do seduce straight women, in fact lesbians will seduce gay, straight, bi-sexual and first time lesbians!

So according to us Glasgow lesbians, anyone is fair game when it comes to the matter of lesbian sex and love!

Now you could say that if straight women are being seduced by lesbians, then surely they must be lesbians themselves right?

Apparently NOT!

Some women are curious to fuck a lesbian for one night!

If you are going to have a one night stand with a straight woman, or lesbian women, then I suggest you read my other post titled “surviving a lesbian one night stand” first!

I suppose if I think about, most of us were straight women who were seduced by a lesbian yes?

Seduced does seem like a strong word, maybe attracted to a lesbian would be better, in fact we probably were not even attracted to a lesbian, it was probably a straight mate!

Confused, I am too!

When I had my first lesbian experience, I would have considered myself to have been a straight woman, now I may have been having doubts about my sexuality, but to the world I was straight.

Then fate through Emma in my path, and bingo I am a lesbian.

My little sister, Susan, disliked Emma due to the fact that she said Emma made me gay, after all I was “normal” until I met her.

Now what Susan didn’t realise was that I fancied lots of girls long before Emma came on the scene!

So I guess I was a lesbian trapped in a straight life!

But I don’t want to talk about lesbians trapped in straight lives, I want to talk about 100% straight women, if there is such a thing?

My friend Chrissie said that ANY woman is turnable.

By turnable, she means that any woman is turnable from straight to lesbian.

She has obviously never met my lesbian hating little sister then!

Now the straight woman may not be turnable for life, but you might just get a night of hot filled girl on girl sex with her!

But is that enough?

I have never slept with a straight woman, I have kissed plenty, but never went further than that.

Seriously, if you want to kiss a straight women just go to a gay bar, there are lots of them there!

I actually think straight women seduce lesbians!!!

I don’t know how many times straight women have said to me they would love to kiss a girl (hint: when they say this to you, your the lesbian they want to kiss!)

I remember being out a few weeks ago, and we were chatting to two girls outside Polo, one lesbian and one straight (allegedly).

Now the straight girl dared me to kiss her.

Dared me?

She just had to ask and I would have kissed her no problem.

Actually she looked quite pretty when I had my beer goggles on, but in the true light of day, who knows!

So being the nice, kind, thoughtful lesbian that I am, I had to take one for the team of course, that’s my friend Jo’s favourite saying “you have to take one for the team!”.

So I bit the bullet, and gave “lil miss straight” a kiss.

Was this enough?

Nooooooo, have you ever kissed me?

I am possibly the best lesbian kisser in THE WORLD, of course one kiss wasn’t enough, she politely asked for another kiss.

Ok, so she didn’t actually ask politely, she said “is that it?”

The cheek of it !!!

So I gave “lil miss straight” my bestest bestest kiss everrrrrr!

Yeah, that shut her up, well no actually it didn’t, again she said “is that all I am getting?”.

How rude!

So I thought right that’s it, and started on the toe curler / knee wobbler kiss (yes I have many variations of my kiss).

I was just getting into full swing (in the middle of the street outside polo, I am kinda mortified about doing that but I was very drunk) and all of a sudden I feel these strong hands go round my waist and pull me off!

It was my friend Mags!

She dragged me away from “lil miss straight” with the words “stop kissing her she is straight!” echoing in my ears.

Gutted or what!

So that abruptly ended my encounter with lil miss straight.

I actually felt quite bad about kissing her, not because it was a horrid kiss or anything, but from the look on her lesbian friend’s face.

Her poor lesbian friend, who is so very obviously in love with her straight mate, was gutted.

She actually said “wow, she has never done anything like that with me”.

You could tell the lesbian had been pining for her straight mate for quite some time, but she should realise it’s never gonna happen if it hasn’t already.

Another Straight Girl - Different Gay Club…

I remember another time I was in the lovely “Bennets Night Club”.

Bennets is dark and dingy, but if you are really drunk it’s not too bad.

I had pulled this girl, a lesbian this time, and had kinda been kissing her most of the night, but I was definately getting the eye from her straight (yeah right) mate.

Now I did used to be a little generous with my kisses when I was younger, and the straight girl was hotter, so yet again, I had to take one for the team!

Like a lion, I had to separate the straight girl from her mates, and more importantly away from the lesbian girl I had been kissing.

So I announced I was going to the bar and did anyone want to help me, before the lesbian girl could say yes, her straight mate jumped up and said I will come, woo hoo the plan worked!

We did head towards the bar, via a dark corner, and the straight girl pounced on me!

Very good kisser she was too!

I think straight girls kiss lovely!

So after we had some kisses, we decided we better go back, but straight girl said she needed the toilet and would I go with her.

Innocently, I followed her to the toilet, yes innocently!

We get into the toilets, and she asks if i want to come in with her, now i dont mind sharing a toilet, I do it all the time with my mates, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Boy was I wrong…

Once she kicked the toilet door shut, she jumped on me, tugging at the belt on my jeans!

Now I know I sometimes act like nothing shocks me, but really I am quite shy, so I practically had a heart attack when she done this.

I mean c’mon, she was supposed to be straight!

So I managed to get out the toilet without having sex in it with her, god knows how, fate must have been on my side or something, because the lesbian girl I had been kissing earlier came in the toilets shouting for her mate.

We both walked out the same toilet, hair a mess, her lipstick all over my face and her friend didn’t look amused.

They had a screaming match about what had went on, I quietly tip-toed out the door and never seen either of them for the rest of the night.

I actually lost my jacket, because it was on the chairs beside where those two girls and their friends were sitting and I was too scared to go back and get it ha ha ha, told you I am a wimp!

That’s a jacket for the lesbian lost and found department of the Glasgow Gay Bars!

So you see, I think straight women seduce us lesbians and not the other way round!

But this blog post is really about seducing straight women, is it right or wrong?

Are straight women fair game for lesbians?

When I was discussing it with Brenna and Chrissie lately, they said they would totally try it on with a straight girl if they liked her.

Now they didn’t mean actively pursuing her!

What they meant was that if a straight woman came onto them, then they would go for it.

I suppose I have to agree.

But I just think that starting something with a straight woman opens a whole new can of worms, because she might decide she is a lesbian after all.

Then you have to go through the big thing of them dealing with being gay, coming out and all the other shit that comes with it.

I will personally stick with lesbians, who are out and have dealt with all their issues relating to being gay.

I have been with both types and that’s just personally my choice.

Would you go for it with a supposedly straight woman?

Let me know your comments below.

As always, stay gay!

Sally x

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