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Gender: Female
Age: 35
Location: United States
Status: Soul is on FIRE!

Gender: Female
Age: 29
Location: India
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Ashley Fox
Where to Begin...
I had an epiphany tonight at Barnes and Noble. I have been dealing with my feelings quietly, on my own, for the last few years, but as I walked into the book store, I realized that I wanted to read something about someone like me, someone I could re...
where all the ladies at???
so im walking up in here looking for some sweet smart ladies to talk with, but they are nowhere to be found boooo where are yall? im new hit me up :D
nude outdoors
I like being naked outdoors.I am going to tell you my adventures.A lot of people in my area do their jogging around 6 pmin a forest nearby.I found a spot in the forest where I can undress and lie downwithout being seen from far away.The joggers see m...
thanxxxx......for answering my polls!!!!
friends i thank you all for answering my erotic polls.....positive response from you all..... so, i have posted six more erotic polls! please answer...
Many people believe lesbian sex can not get you pregnant. This is not true, in 2010 Paris Hilton managed to get 3 of her best friends pregnant in a lesbian encounter. It was a mystery at first, but it was soon discovered that Paris had sucked so much...